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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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that, they have snowflakes in state college, pa, and in the poconos, happy to say, we won't see know flakes. we will feel the chill today. 44 degrees currently in philadelphia, 35 mount pocono. about 46 down in wildwood. and the wind right now, not bad. we are between ten and 17 miles per hour. we will see it increase, going throughout the day today. today high of ooh degrees, down the shore, five; you have the wind there, too. and in the poconos, snow flurries, high of just 40 degrees, but, take heart, my friend, warm up is coming, talk about that coming back in just a few moment, the city of paris is in mourning after series of coordinated attacks that could be the worst terror attack in the country's history. a 127 people are dead after shooting and bombing in several different legs cents, authorities continue to look for accomplices in those attacks. this morning, french president francois hollande blaming isis for those attacks, and vowed
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to be mercy lit in the war against the islam inning state. cbs news correspondent jonathan is live in london. >> reporter: paris police believe there were eight attackers, all of them, dead, seven of them were suicide bombers. >> active manhunt underway for those involved in the planning and execution. >> photographer taking cover, captures the chaos, as explosions, and gunfire, erupt. at least took. , took hostages, and american living nearby, said it look like a scene from a horror movie. >> i just never seen anything like that, especially in paris , and grass terrifying. >> by the time police storm the theater, terrorist hads killed dozens of hostages.
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and it wasn't over, two outside sports stadium in soccer match was fans crowded the field, security teams evaculated the french president who was at the game. >> this fan says his cell phone stopped shrapnel from hitting him. it is the phone that took the shot. it is what saved me, he said. not everyone was as lucky. at least 120 people died in at least six separate terror attacks friday night. >> behind what's thought to be series of well coordinated assault on the french capitol. they believe all of the terrorists were killed. >> the friday the 13th attack is the deadliest in europe since the madrid train bombings in 2004 that killed 191 people. in london, jonathan, now, back to you. >> all right, jonathan, thank you. >> meanwhile, the philadelphia police department issued a statement saying it has not received any credible threats here, but they are on high
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alert. that statement reads in part, as always, we want our officers and the public to be extra vigilant. we will also increase our presence at sporting events this weekend, just tone sure that we are visible to all and ensuring safety. >> for those in our area who have connections to france, attacks particularly upsetting. our alexandria hoff live in the news center more on. that will alex? >> nicole, as the president mentioned yesterday, we're a nation that under stands the vulnerability, confusion, and anger that can follow when people and principal's are attacked in such a way. though an ocean and 3700 miles separate philadelphia from paris, thoughts for their people are being held close. >> philadelphia tries to lends warmth to the sit of paris. >> i have no idea until i started getting messages from my friends, american friends here in philadelphia, saying like hope everything is fine. it is scary. it just don't know what's
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going to happen, don't know how many people will lose their lights, just scar. >> i charlotte owns the french bristro. she says, with the ongoing threats, that have formulated until the middle east, northern africa, now this, she will hole off on returning to her home country for several months. michael scullin is the honorary console of france in philadelphia. >> were the attacks on the charlie hebdo earlier, not long ago, but of course this is shocking, shocking development. but of course watching this story, our hearts go out to the people affected, and we're just going to keep watching to see the information as it develops. >> i have a lot of family in paris. i have no news so far. i'm hoping no news is good news, i don't know. >> if you are planning to travel to philadelphia, france on flight later today, make sure you keep posted with the airline as the french board remembers still close at this hour. reporting live in the news center, alexandria hoff,
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cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. meanwhile, friends, family, in paris turning to social media for answers, facebook is sending out push alerts that notify use hers their friends have check in that they're safe. >> and it was the people in paris using their phones and social media who really captured what it was like moments after the attack. many using skype to communicate with those outside of the city. >> saw people, i mean, i saw probably six, seven, maybe ten people running around the corner from where the restaurant was located. so there with two of us, you could see the people, everybody get inside, gunshots, let's go. >> also sign of hope caught on camera, parisians singing the national a them after the attacks to show solidarity and to show the attackers they're not afraid. >> the band u2 has postponed tonight's concert in paris after the attacks. u2 said in a statement that
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they will go ahead with the concert at a more appropriate time. the members of the band say we hope and pray that all our fans in paris are safe. >> you can count on continuing coverage, new details emerge in paris, the latest on air, on line, at us military officials say they're confident they've killed islamic state millitant jihadi john, millitant believed to have beheaded several hostages in recent years. military spokesman steve warren say jihadi john was the primary target from a missile shot from drone. operation one of sell role targeted attacks on islamic state leaders. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", we are going live to des moines, iowa for the latest on campaigning 2016. >> the countdown is onto the second democratic presidential debate here at drake university. i'm weijia jiang in des moines, iowa with how you can be part of the conversation coming up. >> new skin products made of
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dirt? why the maker says the bacteria is actually good for us. we'll explain coming up.
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>> special honor for late 60 minutes correspondent ed bradley, dedication ceremony,
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on stretch of roadway, in philadelphia, being renamed for the legendary news man. ed bradley way will be a portion every city avenue between monument road and presidential boulevard. bradley grew up in philadelphia and went onto storied career in broadcast journalism, earning 19 emmies. he passed away back in 2006. well, in just few hours, remaining three democratic presidential candidates face-off for a second time, in the key state of iowa. along with cbs news, twitter will sponsor tonight's debate giving voters a chance to post quest to those candidate. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang live for just des moines, iowa this morning, has more on tonight's debate. weijia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to everybody, since the last match up, the field of candidates has been widdled down from five to three, as you mention, that means they'll have a lot more time to talk to voters in a debate that will be like no other, because this time, the voters will be playing a new role, as well. >> the podiums are up, and the
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stage is set in des moines, iowa for the second democratic debate. this time around, only three candidate, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will take the stage. pundant say the format will allow time for more substantive discussion, as the contenders try to lockdown voters in the key state. >> and iowa for hillary clinton in particular this is a state where she has some trouble in 2008. >> for bernie sanders, martin o'malley behind in the polls, a opportunity in front every big audience to make case for their candidacy. >> hoping to slow her momentum, sanders expected to be a lot tougher, in this round, the vermont senator is trailing the former secretary of state, by a wide margin. but still, fares better among younger voters. part of the debate in real time using hashtag determine debate. partners up with twitter. >> it is short. it is quick. it is e fish glenn here at
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drake university student like rebecca say the use of social media changes the conversation. >> it is nice for candidates to see that type of involvement. and hear what issues we want discussed. candidates expected to field questions from terror attacks in paris, on the eve of the debate, all three contenders took to twitter to offer their condolances to the victims and their families. >> even though this is a nationally televised debate the candidate will focus a lot on the voters here in iowa, who will be the first to vote when they caucus on february 5th, and the issue here that matters most is the economy, both in the immediate terms, how they can bring more jobs to eye owe washings but also the bigger picture. nicole? >> and weijia, a lot of people seeing that hillary clinton is ahead in the polls, so, do you think political pundants believe that this debate could really change that? what's being said?
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>> well, there is no doubt, she has such a strong position going into this debate. the clear frontrunner, but experts say, when you look at the past, there have been other candidate who have had strong hold three months out of the caucuses, and they didn't end up winning the nomination, so they say certainly room for her to stumble and the other two candidates to take away her momentum, run with it, but you just never know, until they start talking. >> very true, weijia jiang for us, live in des moines iowa, thanks, weijia. >> as we mention democratic debate is tonight in iowa, "face the nation" john dickerson will be the moderator, starts at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. >> now, we check the forecast with kyla. >> hey there, good morning. eyewitness weather watch they are morning, notice we have a lot of 40's on the map, even couple of 30's out there. little chilly start to the day today. let's take a look where kenneth s necessary willingboro, you can see 43 degrees, relatively clear skies, he says, get the coats out, you are absolutely right.
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chilly day today, high of just about 50 degrees. moving little further inland there, good morning to fran in nottingham. notice he still has some cloud cover. 38 degrees, where he is, and he says hoping for a fabulous fall weekend. i think it will be real nice weekend, going to be little cool today. that wind will calm down for us tomorrow, 42 degrees where ed is in chesterfield. he sent me sunrise photo, not bad. looking out for another beautiful day today. we will see clouds, as we go today. live look at the neighborhood network. and you can see that we've got barely any cloud cover there in rehoboth. beautiful right now as the sun comes up. 43 degrees, and the win not d right now. 7 miles per hour, but the wind will ramp upgoing throughout the day today. won't stay calm, fogs. we have winnie saturday, but quick cool down today, and then improvement on both of those areas, with the win and the temperatures as we head into our sunday. currently 44 degrees in philadelphia, 36 in mount pocono. take a look at lancaster, about 43 degrees for you, as
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well, atlantic city coming in at 44, pottstown at 44, as well. check it out, willow grove little cooler, same story in doylestown, and the winds makes it feel even cooler walking out the door, now at about 12 miles per hour in philadelphia, see higher than in mount pocono, expecting everybody to get little higher than that as we go throughout the day today. even in the region, state college pa having snow flurries, some miles per hour. so, gusting up to 30 miles per hour today. over night we start to see things begin to calm down. but by sunday, talking pretty calm. twenty-nine to 30-mile gusts continues going into the evening. then finally, start to calm down as we get into sundayment talk about the coal air that's coming our way, as well. >> snow flurries that you see, thankfully won't make it to us here in philadelphia, but it is indication of the cool air, that's rushing in, as we speak. and that's why we are not
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going to see very much warmth today. high of 50 degrees. good news high pressure in control, not just today, but as we head into our sunday, also monday, and that means we will have lots of sunshine with us, as we go through the week. hey, has to be chilly, at least we get the sun in there. but today just high of 50 degrees, by tomorrow, big difference, warming up to high of 58. that's very seasonable temperature this time of year and the wind will start it calm down plus we get the sunshine not bad. sunday remember is eagles game, by the way shown right here on cbs-3, about 1:00 when they have kick off, sunshine about 55 degrees, and the winds just five to 10 miles per hour, checking the dolphins. kinds of nice set up for football. glad the winds will calm down for sunday. then we have to talk about next week, because the jet stream moving to the north letting all of that warm air in. that means temperatures five to 10 degrees above average. we will not get there today. but we make it tomorrow. then, six's coming your way, as we head into monday, tuesday, wednesday, even
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thursday so nice weather coming our way. stay in bed. snuggle up. winnie and cool, high of just ooh degrees, tonight chilly, low of 39. and then take a look at your seven day forecast, tomorrow not bad. sunshine winds starting to calm down, 60s coming your way, very nice monday starting our work week really warming up. few showers possible on thursday. heading into friday. traffic spots. >> meisha johnson, as you are driving around this weekend, here is a few things you should know about. first world of mans transit, on the lanes town doylestown line, opening this sunday, november 15th. this is when the new schedule will go into effect but meantime, they are currently bussing between the doylestown and 30th street station. so, make sure to check out septa's website for all of the new information about the station, and the new schedule.
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additionally, the media elwin line is bussing between elwyn and temple university, both today, and sunday. scheduled to return back to its normal schedule on monday. >> weekend maintenance the airport line there is line will be bussing saturday, sunday, between airport terminal e and f. and then 30th street. in the world every construction, interstate, from terminal area has been extended now closed until the end of november affecting two right lanes. and last, but certainly not least, we have got another eagles game this weekend, they're playing the miami dolphins on sunday at 1:00 p.m., at lincoln financial field. so, if you are planning on taking mass transit to the stadium, there is going to be broad street sports express line that will run from fernrock, to the sports complex. >> every ten minutes from 10:10 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.
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so go eagles, from the cbs-3 traffic news, i'm meisha johnson, great weekend, everyone. >> oh, go eagles. thanks. on the cbs-3 health watch, new skin products made out of dirt. yup, dirt. actually really good for your skin. the dirty details. >> the products are called mother dirt. a cleanser and shampoo, even spray mist containing live bacteria, that's sprayed directly on the skin twice a day. >> we have confused clean with stir. >> i general manager at ao by own, the maker of mother earth products. >> taken the dirt out of our lives, we don't spend nearly as much time outdoors, like we used to, even little children. >> she said we need to reconnect with our environ tonight restore bacteria to our skin that our ancestors enjoyed years ago, slowly stripped away by excessive cleaning. >> our users notice they are able to reduce their
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dependence on convention sal products. examples of this include cutting/out or cutting down on deodorant, on moisturizers. >> products contain ammonia, maker says restores balance to the skin. dave whittlock founded the company says he's living proof. >> i have not take answer shower in over 12 years. >> and he says, he's as clean as can be. and that there have never been any reports of illnesses or diseases, related to the dirt products. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right. whatever it takes. 6:20 right now. local family visit inspired by philadelphia grandmother. and these mouth watering desserts, they all have a story to tell, the sweet details in taste with tore when "eyewitness news" continues. stay with us.
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>> do you have memories of the cakes and cupcakes maybe your mother or grandmother made from scratch? you might even remember sitting at her kitch table, and watching her bake. right? that's the inspiration for a local bakery, and vittoria woodill has a look at inside tastes with treats with tori. >> cakes and cupcakes here aren't just beautiful. they have personality, too. >> there is the hey, thelma, the still little alice, and only forelies a. the reason for the name? as sweet as the icing. >> my mother would always sit the girls down, my daughters
6:24 am
down, and tell them about the families. tell them about the women in the family. >> that's right. linda hint ton brown has named many of the direct recall delights here after relatives. >> just put good feeling throughout the whole family, and then you can just so proud. >> like the deer ruth, a chocolate sour cream cake with chocolate icing and shaping emails for her great grandmother. jean's road trip, red velvet cake for her aunt jean. or the ask rose, chocolate cake with asbury filling, name for rose hit ton martin, the aunt everyone went to for advice. >> the first one to go to college in my father's family, and so therefore when things came up, it is like oh, ask rose. >> even the name of the bakery, brown betty, family recipe of linda's last name, brown, and her mom's name, betty. whose homemade dessert started it all. >> when my mom was baking for all of the church functions,
6:25 am
and that is how she became known for her pound cakes. >> linda runs the business with her daughter, and attorney in washington, and her youngest daughter, who knows the importance of that wall. >> most of those women are no longer with us. so it is a good feeling to know like their memories carried on in other people who didn't know them are inquiring about them. >> something linda loves, too. >> when they look at the pictures, on the wall, this remind me of my mother, my grandmother. >> written down in well worn book. >> who is ready to lick the spoon? >> helping linda mix some batter, for the lemon pound cake. >> take your spatula. can just scoop around the sides. >> know exactly what to do here. >> my grandmother taught me little something. >> you are doing excellent job. >> few scoops, and then into the oven.
6:26 am
some lemon icing. >> can you help me eat this one. >> i love it. >> she says i lover you. soap good. still ahead, kyla back with winnie, chilly day, some warmer weather in the seven day forecast, something to look forward tonight plus, confusion and sadness in par thinks morning, in the aftermath of one of the deadliest attacks since world war ii. a series of four attacks leaves at least 127 people dead, and the president of france is calling it an act of war by isis. coming up next the latest as police search for accomplices, we'll be right back.
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>> today is saturday, november 14th, glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. just about 63 we send it out to kyla grogan on the skydeck. feeling pretty cold, pretty windy. >> i'm bundle up. the breeze is definitely kicking up little bit here. >> starting with cloud cover. temperatures today, pretty low, high of just ooh degrees. headline for the day, well, it will be one more windy day to dial with. see major improvement sunday. but the temperatures, and
6:30 am
wind, and next week, looking at warm streak, in the 60s. which sound pretty nice, if, say, you're in state college pa right now looking at some snow flurries or perhaps in the poconos, look at that, there is cold air rushing in, no doubt about it, as we take live look at storm scan3, for us right now philadelphia just some clouds. live look center city 44 degrees, winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour. and we take a look around the region, about 60 miles per hour up in the poconos, not bad. we will see that continue and get little worse as we go throughout the day today. high of just 50 degrees today. you can see sunday 58 degrees, improvement, plus the winds calming down. monday 60s, yes, you see high of 62 degrees, and let me just say that's the beginning of a warm up that we will see throughout the week. so, very nice seven day forecast coming your way. that in just a few moments. for now, back to the much warmer studio, and nicole. >> yes, get back in here, kyla, thank you. >> right now, though, switching gears, and philadelphia paying its respects, to those lost in the
6:31 am
attacks in paris. this is look at boathouse row overnight lit up in the blue, white and red of the french flag. and french president francois hollande death count stands at 127 people this morning after the series of coordinated explosions and shootings. this morning hollande also blamed isis for the attacks, just few minutes ago, the terror group claimed responsibility. now, all of this comes just ten months after the massacre at charlie observe dough, french newspaper. mary maloney reports. >> police say gunmen armed with ak style weapons stormed restaurants, opened fire, killing multiple people. >> had huge gunshots and bullet coming through the windows, we duck on to the floor with all of the other diners, and we heard numerous more gunshots coming through the window. >> around the same time, police say, explosions rocked a stadium, during a international soccer match.
6:32 am
>> at least two blasts were heard. >> france's president, watching the match, had to be whisk to safety while people inside the stadium scared. but the most death occurred at concert hall. several gunmen with explosives fired, and took dozens hostage before police took control. >> everybody was on the floor, covering their heads, and we heard so many gunshots, and the terrorists were very calm, very determined. >> now with the country in crisis, investigators are working to find the motivation for murder. >> it is to looks like terror attacks, and it could be the worse ever in par us. >> nations across the worlds offered their sport, another symbol of terror one world trade center in new york, shined in france's colors, blue, white and red, but in the city of light, the eiffel tower turned dark, to mourn the victims. i'm mary maloney reporting. >> and president obama spoke
6:33 am
last night about the attacks. numerous times highlighting the fact that it was the work of terrorists. >> the attack not just on the people of france, but this is attack on all every humanity. france is our oldest al lie. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. >> while the attacks didn't happen here on our soil, they are unsettling for many americans, especially for those with ties to the nation. our allen andrea hoff live in the news center that part of the story, al next. >> conjure up these connotation cents of love. philadelphia and paris have had long partnership, now in the wake of such hateful act of terror, hearts locally are reaching out. >> the french flag shivers in the overnight winds on ben franklin parkway. as philadelphia tries to lend warmth to the city of paris. >> i had no idea until i
6:34 am
started getting messages from my friends, american friends here in philadelphia, saying like hope everybody is fine. it is scary. don't know what's going to happen. don't know how many people are going to -- just very scar. >> i charlotte camille owns the french bristro. she says with the ongoing threats that have formulated in the middle east and northern africa and now this, she will hole off on returning to her home country for several months. michael, the honorary console of france in philadelphia. >> were the attacks on the charlie hebdo earlier, not long ago, but of course this is a shocking, shocking development. but of course, watching this story, our hearts go out to the people who were affected, and we're just going to keep watching to see the information as it develops. >> i have a lot of family in paris. i have no news so far. i am hoping no news good news. i don't know. >> paris is six hours ahead of us here, so about 12:30, half
6:35 am
past noon in france, day like that will certainly bring more details to light, but hasn't done much to brighten this saturday. >> alex, thank you. and you can count on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, as new details emerge about the terror attacks in paris, we'll have the latest for you on air, also on line, at switching gears now, 20 people are injured this morning, after a tour bus accident in san francisco. fire officials say a double decker bus lost control and smashed into metal scaffolding at construction site. the scaffolding then collapsed on to the sidewalk. a bicyclist, and several cars, were also involved in the crash, which hoared in tourist pack area. at least six of those injured are now in critical condition. >> fire off initials gloucester county new jersey investigating the cause of two alarm fire overnight. this happened in woolwich township in the 200 block of forest lane. the fire broke out just after
6:36 am
1:00 this morning, fortunately, no one was injured, the cause still being investigated. a volunteer photographer, for radio station wxpn is facing child pornography charges, identified as 57 year old mark wilkins of philadelphia. now, corked to the u.s. attorney's offers, wilkins allegedly took photos of an under age kid outside the morris arboretum, camden children's garden, franklin institute, and on rising sun avenue. where wilkins is believed to have lived. wxpn issuing this statement saying, quote, we were shock and appalled to learn that photograph here volunteered at wxpn from time to time has been charged with this crime. we have taken this matter extremely seriously and have work diligently to assist the police with this investigation. >> case of bacterial meningitis has been reported within the cheltenham school district. on friday the montgomery county health department confirmed case associated with single student. in that school district. now it didn't say which school. they say it is an isolated
6:37 am
incident, though, and poses no threats to the school community. >> here in philadelphia, police make two arrests in the tragic murder of 16 year old boy in strawberry main, his accused killer only teens themselves. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has more. >> my life will never be the same ever. she was my only child. he was my life. >> the mother of 16 year old murder victim, saleem west, said shy is relieved to know his two accused kill remembers now behind bars. >> my son is -- i'm at peace. >> raheem feaser anti-re johnson, both 17, pulled up as west was riding his bike, firing at deadly ambush birrage of more than dozen bullets. >> you rot in jail for the rest of your life for nothing. >> police say the motive for west's killing, and the murders for as many as four others, along with several
6:38 am
shootings, two groups of neighborhood teenagers, feud withing each other, for no clear reason. >> always over a bunch of nothing. even when they think they can connect the dots out in the street, the bottom line it is never worth taking a life. >> tub troubling, it makes you wonder where this will end and what can we do to stop t we need to work to find some answers because it is sad. >> thanking detective, saleem's mother joined police. pleading for an end to violence as she tries to move forward in life without the only child she loved. >> i want them to stop the violence, like give our kids a chance. just give them a chance to be something. >> finally, police say, they didn't have any trouble tracking down one of the suspect, feaser, he was already behind bars charged with shooting someone else two days after allegedly committing the murders. at police headquarters, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, 6:38 right now.
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keeping your pets safe. that's coming up next on "eyewitness news". the crate or the carrier you use for traveling can be a life or death decision. "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan shows you some of the safest choices for your companions. plus, ukee washington goes one-on-one with sylvester stallone in the movie creed. nice morning down the shore, looking live at the ocean city boards walk. definitely break out the coat, it is not beach weather, that's for sure. the colder air moving on n and kyla will be back to tell us about another warm up, in the seven day forecast. so, if you don't like the cooler weather, just wait. it will change. we'll be right back.
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toaster strudel. now with more icing. because it works for r patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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>> national dog show returns to philadelphia, more than 1500 show dogs compete today, and tomorrow, at the greater philadelphia expo center, actor john ohurley best known as jay peter man on seinfeld hosting the event. the national dog show will air on television, on thanksgiving day. sticks to keep in mind, consumer reporter jim donovan tell us, more to bringing your cat or dog along in the car than just strapping them in.
6:43 am
>> came true when the car she and her friends david and their two dogs were driving in was involved in a serious crash. >> the dogs were safe. they were bruised up quite a bit. banged around. but they did survive pretty horendous front end crash. >> the crate didn't holds up as they had hoped. jade managed to jump out of the crate at the crash scene, and was lost in yellowstone national park, for 43 days. most recommend crates for travel. >> you slam on the brakes, they could go flying through the window, can, if there is an accident, they jump out of the car and get caught in traffic. >> what you may not realize, most of the products we purchase for our pets for travel in the vehicle, have never been tested or crash tested.
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>> usually specially designed crash tests for dogs, important carrier contains your pet, so it doesn't become a projectile in a crash. but, watch, as this stuffed test dog is thrown out of this soft sided carrier, and into the air. while this test shows a hard sided crate, literally, coming apart, with the test dog trapped inside. connections that secure the carriers, were examined too. >> the anchor points for the crate are critically important to ensure that the product does not release, if you do get into a sudden stop or an accident. this video shows the blue anchor straps breaking free, and the crate itself appears to pose a flying danger in the end the three carriers marks, the sleepy pod mobile pet bed with handy lock, and the petty go former frame jet set carrier with latch connection.
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>> meanwhile, jade and company are back home happily reunited. while many claim their products are crash tested and safe, there are currently no federal testing or performance standards, for links to the center for pet safety and the products i just mentioned, visit or look at my facebook and twitter feeds. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning, joining us live from new york with that preview. good morning. >> on the scene, at the concert hall where terrorist massacre dozens of people attending rock concert and took hostages, counter terror expert john miami err will be here, in studio 57. >> changing tone of democratic presidential debate, we are in des moines. >> and it is in the nation's highest military award. but where do metals of honor come from. >> meet the civilians who help
6:46 am
create lasting tributes, to america's heroes. >> lot of coverage you don't want to miss just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> we appreciate that preview, thank you. right now sylvester stallone was born in new york city, and spent much of his young life living up and down the northeast corridor but right here in philadelphia where a film icon was created. ukee washington had a chance to go tow to tow with him recently about the legacy of rocky. this as stallone prepares to release latest chapter in the boxing film franchise. >> how far the character has come, memories are still fresh. >> if i had never lived in philadelphia, i promise you the truth, i never would have written rock. >> i 69 year old veteran actor reminds dollars me he went to lincoln high school, but graduate the from the school of hard knocks, underdog story of balboa, was in his blood.
6:47 am
>> i used to work on those docks. i used to work at front and girard. i quit school at 16 for about seven months, and i learned to go back to school after working with those docks, and front street in kensington and k and a, so philadelphia, set the mood. >> a mood, one every philly favorite sons, continues to experience to the stage, cheers of love, greeted him throughout the filming schedule of his latest project, creed. >> i heard about their plan. behind closed doors. that true? >> written and directed project. rocky is a trainer/father figure in this emotionally charged sports action drama. he's come a long way, baby, wow, almost 40 years, so tell me when were you running through the italian market, very first fillment.
6:48 am
quiet, just you, the crew, nobody there. did you ever think this character would stand the test of time? did that even cross your minds back then? >> no i thought literally end up probably the second feature after drive in movie. no, i swear to you,. >> two theatres in. >> two. >> and to his credit, he and the film makers believe in the product, here we are today, the seventh motion picture featuring his beloved character. a film he is very proud of. he can continues to chase his dream, a dream that started with mickey chasing chickens. >> go on, get him, get him, get him. >> you look like you used to dot one arm push ups. come on, man, can you? >> ya, a couple. >> see? i knew it, i knew it. >> should be able to grab one of these birds. >> are you serious? >> i am serious. >> slowing down.
6:49 am
>> chickens are slowing down, great stuff. after rocky balboa in 2006, sly and the film makers thought it was the end of it until a young talented film maker caught their attention. "eyewitness news" will have more on creed, in the days just before its november 25th opening. really looking forward to. that will also speak being of rocky, run remembers chanelling their inner stallone herement rocky balboa 5k and 10k are taking place this morning, with the chorus of course ending at the art museum with the rocky run. runners will be getting into the spirit there at the top of the steps, no doubt, awards are given out for the best rocky inspired costume. hey, kyla. >> hey. >> good morning to eyewitness weather watch earns, my champions out, there watching the weather. in the, we're all in the four's here. take couple of observations, go closer, dolores in newark, this morning, now she has the
6:50 am
clouds cover still going on, mostly cloudy and coal, but nice patch of bright and clouds to the east. clouds cover clear out, a little bit, but it will take some time, 43 degrees, where john jenkins is in perkasie, again, he has cloud cover as well. i want to head little further north here, check this one out, 43 degrees, good morning, jewel crashes one of the weather watch nerves allentown much cooler start to the weekend, some of with us clouds, some catching a break. live look at center city this morning, where we do have some of the cloud cover. but, notice, you start to see some bright spots there beautiful shot that s zooming out for me. nice. you can start to see the sun coming up and peaking through, as we get look here. but still some cloud cover to deal with. going throughout our morning, we see the clouds give us break by the time we get into the afternoon. let's take a look at the winds right now. it is a little bit brisk, not too terribly bad. but 12-mile per hour in philadelphia, right now, 16 mount pocono, and we're going
6:51 am
to see that win continue to whip up as we get throughout the day today. temperatures, in the 40's, so little cooler this morning as well. forty-two wilmington, about 45 in reading, 36 up in mount pocono, atlantic city 44 degrees. zoom out here, see there is plenty of cool air all up and down the corridor. head west state college pa sitting at 37 degrees. by the way looking for snow flurries, right now, ya, the cold air has produced some snow flurries in the poconos, in part of central pennsylvania, and now the good news is that is not coming our way in the sense we won't see snow flurries, cold air definitely coming our way, see high today of just 50 degrees. now the clouds with us right now, will start to dissipate going throughout the afternoon. get some sunshine in there. but watch out for the win. could see gusts today up to about 30 miles per hour. in the two's, by the time we catch sunday now getting better, down to the ten to 15 miles per hour, not quite so bad.
6:52 am
little cold out there, sunday, much calmer, little warmer and quite nice. then headed into the six off's, how about that? no six's to speak of in the poconos, high today just 40 degrees, snow flurries out, there overnight low, going into the 30's, little warmer for you sunday, should be pretty nice day, high of 50. average high this time of year in philadelphia, 57 degrees. and while we will not get there today, we will just about pass it tomorrow. then boom. held to the 60s, how about this november, right? not bad. kind of makes it okay we're having chilly day today. consider that the outlook for the next seven days much above an average, not just here if philly but all up and down the eastern seaboards. today take the coat outside. you will need it by the time you consider that the temperature will only be high of 50. we've got wind gusts up to potentially 30 pile per hour today. sunshine, pretty nice day, 39 for the overnight low. win will start to ramp down getting into the sunday and then the warm up is on.
6:53 am
by the way eagles game sunday good weather for that wind calming down, should have sunshine up ear's, but then 60s, as we get into monday, tuesday, nice sunshine. then we have got little bit of business coming our way wednesday into thursday, clouds, few showers, on thursday. hey there. do you love watching the weather you must, watching me right now, you can be featured in the newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. sign up right now, go into it, nick snow. >> i just love you, kyla. >> hey you, do you love watching the weather i just love. that will kai lark thank you. sure sign winter is on its way, ice rink at dilworth park opened for its second season, there, strapped on skates to glide around the ice. >> this year the ring has extended hours as well as cabin of sorts, where can grab something to eat, maybe get drink. skate rentals available and we're told there will be lessons if you're skating novice. don't want to fall on the ice, but, you know, if you do, you just get right back up.
6:54 am
we're going to take a short break. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> let's talk about this cold and windy wetter. >> yes, my fink remembers cold. out on the skydeck. >> you're always cold. >> but i can't quite recover. i think everybody will feel the chill today, high of just 50 degrees, and the wind whipping again. but, take heart, tomorrow, just in time for the eagles game, things getting bert. to up high of 58. that's about where woe should be this time of year, winds will calm down then do you believe the 60s not just one, not just two, but in five days, the 60s, nicole. >> going through the week. >> i mean, this time last year, i remember being very, very chilly. >> yes. >> you know? i can't remember the last time we had a november that was
6:57 am
this pleasant. so, i mean, really, we've been luck. >> i i knew i was in like november, november, come back any time. if it feels like this. >> your welcome. >> that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now, signing up on television, always on for you at cbs saturday morning is next. have a great weekend everybody. see you tomorrow. >> yes, we will. bonus cash on select vehicles, black friday on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing. that doesn't happen every day. make black friday hassle-free with low prices ford cars, trucks and suvs. and get $750 dollars black friday
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